Access Information On IndiaRail Through The Indian Railways Login Page!
16.08.2013 16:28

If you are looking to visit the vast and picturesque country of India with vibrant people and rich cultures, diverse lifestyles and exquisite cuisines, there is no better way to experience the people and places in India than a train journey through the hills and valleys, lakes and mountains, fields and greenery of the country, rolling past bustling cities, blooming townships and scenic villages. With the progress and advancement of technology, a task as tedious and tiresome as booking railway tickets has become quick and easy with the click of a few mouse buttons. Indian Railways has gone digital, with a fantastic website dedicated to domestic, foreign and first-time travelers. All one has to do is navigate to the Indian Railways login page of the official Indian Railways website, 'IndiaRail' or navigate the detailed and informative website of Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), for a simple, direct and swift ticket booking facility.

To avail required information like the Railway Time Tables, date and place of departure and arrival, ticket availability and other important details, a visitor to either website is required to create an account with either IndiaRail or the IRCTC website. Both sites are well-organized and extremely informative, with a number of relevant links and facilities to make a booking and reservation. On creating an account, a traveler can navigate to the Indian Railways login page, key in his or her credentials and avail the relevant information, neatly organized into sections for user convenience. After perusing time tables and planing a journey and schedule that suit one's travel plans, a visitor to either of these websites can proceed with the booking and online payment, avoiding hours at train counters, booking seats the traditional way!


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