Check Railway Reservation Seat Availability before you Book Tickets
14.10.2013 15:37

In India majority of the people prefer train journey for their travel needs, whether it is for a long distance journey or a short distance journey. So, trains in India are always crowded with passengers throughout the year, especially during the festival seasons and vacation times. The best way to ensure Railway Reservation Seat Availability is to book tickets as early as possible. You have the option to book tickets as early as 60 days before you board the train. So make sure that you book tickets at the earliest.

When you book tickets in Indian Railways you have the option to choose from a number of classes available. The First class and AC class tickets are more costly compared to the Second class tickets. There are also AC two tier and AC three tier classes, which are comparatively cheaper than the First class tickets. You get more facilities in higher classes. Chair cars are suited for short distance travels.

There are only a limited number of seats in the trains. Majority of them come under the General Quota. Then there is the Tatkal quota, where ticket booking is possible only one day prior to the date of departure of the train. This is of great benefit to those who have to travel on an emergency. There are also some seats reserved for physically challenged people, defense personnel, railway employees, and so on.

Always ensure Railway Reservation Seat Availability for a happy and tension free journey in the train, especially if you are travelling with family and aged people.


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