Indian Railways - A Common Man’s Transport
26.06.2013 12:03

Indian Railways was introduced in 1853 and is the most popular mode of travel in India due to its remarkable efficiency and connectivity. The first journey of the Railways started from Mumbai to Thane, and slowly it grew to own more than 10,000 trains, each identified with a five-digit number. They are classified as super-fast, express, passenger, intercity, metro, and so on.

Trains in India differ according to their speed. Duranto Express trains are the fastest trains run by the Indian Railways since 2009, the year in which they were introduced. They are nonstop trains connecting metros and major state capitals. Then it is the Rajdhani Express with a speed of 120 km/hr. They have a very few stops and connect all major cities to New Delhi, the capital of India. Shatabdi Express is the intercity train. All these trains are fully air conditioned. Super-fast trains run at an average speed of 55 km/hr. Most common trains in India are the express trains, which have stoppages at major stations. Passenger and suburban trains are slowest of all with halts at every station.

An Executive lounge was recently opened by Indian Railways in the New Delhi railway station for the passengers traveling in higher classes. Here you have to pay a sum of INR 300 for a 3 hour stay in the waiting room of the Executive Lounge. If you stay for more than 3 hours, you have to pay INR 125 for every extra hour. The waiting room is spacious and provided with all facilities.


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