Indian Railways Log In Page-For Making Your Journey Simple!
24.10.2013 10:44

The Indian railways have remained an essential medium of transportation in India since a very long time. It incepted during the reign of British authorities and since then it is main mode of public transport. For a heavily populated country like India, where most of the people depend upon the cheap communication mediums, railways are perfect. Moreover, one can enjoy the diverse terrains and bewitching landscapes of India by travelling through trains. Booking a ticket in train has also become much simpler than before with the use of internet. The Indian Railways log in page provides all the essential ways to book your tickets online.
The official website of Indian railways is www.indianrail.gov.in. You can use this website to check the train between important stations, seat availability, fare enquiry, PNR status and look for internet reservation. Other important information such as station codes, train schedules and tatkal schemes can also be obtained from this website.

IRCTC is the premium face of Indian railways. It also offers a special web page www.irctc.co.in which contains information about the train fares, PNR status, tour packages, special offers, discounted packages etc. The Indian railways log in page in IRCTC website is much more interactive and user friendly. There are options for shopping and special IRCTC zone. The IRCTC zone consist information about the various expresses. You can also book hotels and guest houses through IRCTC at affordable prices. All in all, it is such a website that holds important information about all your needs as well as luxury.



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