IRCTC Indian Railways Login to do Ticket Booking Online
25.11.2013 12:30
For so many decades now, Indian Railways is the favorite travel choice of a large number of Indians when they plan for outstation trips. However, it was not very easy to get tickets reserved when you need it the most. Being the travel choice of millions of people, tickets of Indian Railways trains are quickly sold out as soon as they are on offer. Previously, you had to stand in long queues at the railway stations to make your reservation. However, things have changed largely lately with the introduction of online ticket booking, which you can easily do through your IRCTC Indian Railways login.
Indian Railways is keeping in pace with the increasing needs of the passengers and offering end-to-end ticket booking facilities through online. The IRCTC portal, www.irctc.co.in features train schedule search as well as seat reservation through their unique railway services interface. In order to avail these services you need to create your personal log in at the website.
IRCTC Login Creation
The login registration is free of cost and anyone can create your personalized login in just a matter of minutes. In order to create IRCTC Indian Railways login, you have to first access the website from any internet-enabled machine and go to the new user registration tab. You can find the online form, in which you need to enter your personal details as well as contact information. Make sure that you provide your e-mail and phone number correctly to get the SMS and e-mail alerts. Once the login is created, you will get a confirmation e-mail with which you can reset your password and personalize the login.


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