Railway Enquiries Information to Simplify Your Train Travel!


Indian Railways has made it easier for prospective passengers to make train reservations online through its official IRCTC website. With the step-by-step guidance to direct the user, one can book the train tickets online in a jiffy from any part of the world and receive the e-ticket in the inbox. The online payment options include credit cards and debit cards from leading national and international banks. The portal also provides the options of cancelling bookings and registering requests for refunds online. In case you may require detailed information before making a booking, you can refer to the Indian Railway Passenger Reservation Enquiry System which has more than adequate information to address any railway enquiries.


This section covers train schedules, station codes, train berth availability, trains between stations, live train running information and also provides PNR status information for bookings already made. You can find the arrival and departure timings, the train name and number, seating categories available in a specific train as well as the ticket fares for each type. There is a segment that guides international tourists booking train tickets on the Indian Railways too. In case a query is not addressed in this section, there are a number of other options like fax and calling the customer care number. You can use the facility of 24 x 7 SMS support only for seat availability, fares, train timings and PNR status. Another way to put forth any railway enquiries is through the customer care email address. The option of email is available only if you have booked your train ticket online through the official website.


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